Kabila warns against foreign ‘interference’ in DRC electoral process

Image result for Kabila warns against foreign interference in DRC electoral processPresident Joseph Kabila has warned that the Democratic Republic of Congo will not tolerate any foreign interference in the country’s electoral process.

He also told MPs in the capital, Kinshasa, that he will name an opposition prime minister within 48 hours to lead the country to the polls.

He told the opposition to overcome its “internal disagreements” and table a list of names to be considered.

Kabila’s address comes days, after the UN Security Council voted to down-size Monusco, its peacekeeping mission in the country.

And though he did not refer to the US criticism of his government, he vowed to defend the independence of the DR Congo.

Kabila has been under pressure to salvage a political deal after it collapsed last week, leaving the country on edge.

Critics said he delayed the elections on purpose to hang on to power.

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