2017 Peace and Unity Cup: Ijaw, Itsekiri communities participate to promote love

Image result for 2017 Peace and Unity CupFootball enthusiasts have described the coming together of Ijaws and Itsekiris’ of Delta state to participate in the “2017 Peace And Unity Cup” in Gbaramatu Kingdom as a welcome development.The competition which was kicked-off by the organizer Sheriff Mulade, was followed by the handshake formalities.

But the message of peace and unity did not translate to love on the pitch as Kokodiagbene Football Club scored two quick goals before the end of First Half.

A third goal by KFC looked like the three goals were already in the bag but AGO-NLA scored two goals to end the match at 3-2 in favour of KFC

The football competition will end on November the 25th



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