Falcons storm NASS over unpaid allowances

Members of the Nations Cup winning Super Falcons stormed the National Assembly on Wednesday to protest the non-payment of their allowances by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

According to an eye witness, the ladies demanded for the full payment of their allowances as they will soon be thrown out of the hotel where they lodged.

The victorious team members have been held up in a hotel in Abuja, many days after they returned to the country with the trophy.

They protest daily on the streets of Abuja and have vowed never to leave the hotel until their allowances were paid.

The team won the 10th edition of the African Women championship just held in Cameroon and this will be the 8th time Nigeria has won the competition.

Professional footballers have begged NFF to pay the Falcons.

The ladies are hoping that President Muhammadu Buhari, who is due to visit the National Assembly today to present the estimates of the 2017 budget to lawmakers, will see them and show pity on their plight.

Some of their placards read, “We are your children, pity us”; “Let us respect women”; “female football deserves respect.”

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