Corps member to donate wheelchairs to 50 disabled persons in Benue

Corps member to donate wheelchairs to 50 disabled persons in Benue Corps member to donate wheelchairs to 50 disabled persons in Benue

A physically challenged member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Peter Gwer, has donated tricycle wheelchairs to fifty (50) disabled persons across Benue State as part of his NYSC community development service.Mr Gwer, who is from Guma local government Council in Benue State, says his alma is to eradicate the hurdles affecting the productivity of people with disabilities which increases their level of poverty.

Persons with disabilities make up the world’s largest and most disadvantaged minority.


The numbers are damning: an estimated 20 per cent of the world’s poorest persons are those with disabilities; 98 per cent of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school.

An estimated 30 per cent of the world’s street children live with disabilities; and the literacy rate for adults with disabilities is as low as 3 per cent—and, in some countries, down to 1 per cent for women with disabilities.


To bridge this gap, there must be a conscious effort to eradicate the hurdles affecting their productivity and this what the youth Corp member has set out to do in his little way.

They are believed to have little hope of going to school, getting a job, having their own home, enjoying a social life or voting.


The Administrative secretary of the independent National electoral commission in Benue says persons with disabilities are put in consideration ahead of 2023 general elections.

While appreciating the sponsors the state coordinator also commends the youth corp member for embarking on this initiative for his NYSC community development service, and urges other to emulate the act.


Mrs Laadi Who became paralyzed in the year 1984 as a result of an injection given wrongly, expresses gratitude.

Beneficiaries of the 50 tricycle wheelchairs are selected from local communities around Benue State with special consideration to women and girls.


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