Court Adjourns BRT Murder hearing to September 29th

COURT ADJOURNS BRT MURDER HEARING Murdered BRT Passenger Bamishe Ayanwola, inset Bus where She was allegedly murdered and her grieving Mother

The trial proceedings into the rape and murder of 22-year old fashion designer, Bamise Ayanwola, was Again stalled on Wednesday at a High Court in Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos Island, following the absence of the defence lawyer, Abayomi Omotubora,.

The defendant, Andrew Nice Ominikoron, is accused of raping and murdering Miss Ayanwola, in February.inside a BRT bus.
He is also accused of raping another passenger, (names withheld), on November 25, last year.
The defence counsel, Abayomi Omotubora, later arrived the court premises after the judge, Sherifat Sonaike, had adjourned the hearing to Thursday due to his absence. He told journalists that his lateness to court was because he had other matters to attend to.
Mr Omotubora has been absent from the court hearings for five times so far since the start of the trial.
The court had adjourned the trial till 28 September following his absence on July 7 and advised the defendant to take another lawyer.
Again, on June 7 and 9 he was absent. On June 30, he was also absent but sent another lawyer to represent the defendant.


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