UK readies ‘air bridge’ deals with several countries

“Air bridge” agreements which would see Brits able to travel back-and-forth to several countries while sidestepping coronavirus quarantine restrictions could be in place in two weeks’ time, according to reports.

The ‘air bridges’ plan is set to involve less than ten countries, giving tourists the ability to travel between them and the UK with no mandatory 14-day quarantine.

A total of 12 countries – including Greece, Spain, Portugal and France – are being considered with officials examining both the risk of travellers bringing Covid-19 back and the popularity of the destination.

The ‘air bridge’ rules would come into play on July 4 and will likely be announced on June 29.

A trial is set to take place at a UK airport next month and will be run by Swissconsent port and the Collinson Group.

Britons could be seeing a more ‘normal’ summer following the announcement that the UK’s ‘Covid-alert’ level was downgraded from level four to level three following a dramatic reduction in new infections, hospital admissions and deaths.

Meanwhile, scientists confirmed that the epidemic is shrinking by 4 per cent every day and the crucial reproduction ‘R’ rate is still below the dreaded level of one.

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