Peru extends protracted national lockdown until end of June

Peru ​ has ​ extended its state of emergency and a nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic until the end of June, marking one of the longest periods of mandatory isolation in the world.

Friday’s extension, announced by President Martin Vizcarra, came as Peru’s confirmed coronavirus cases rose to 111,698, the second highest total in Latin America. The death toll stood at 3,244 on Friday.


The country, ​ which began the lockdown in mid-March, will have lived under it for more than 3-1/2 months by the ​ June 30 expiration, outlasting restrictions in Italy, Spain and China, which were some of the hardest hit countries in the pandemic.

President Vizcarra said the latest and fifth extension, which is more than a month beyond the previous expiration date of May 24, would come with the reopening of certain economic activities.

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