COVID-19: Nigerian doctors will not be sidelined – Minister

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has called on the Nigerian Medical Association and other pressure groups in the country to sheathe their swords against the planned arrival of a medical team from China to provide technical support to the public health sector.
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The 14-day lock down has now been in place for 7 days and still counting.

The Presidential task force on Covid-19 believes compliance to the restrictions imposed is improving even as the federal government is getting commendations for its strategy towards halting the spread of coronavirus.


But one knotty issue in the federal government’s approach in containing this outbreak is the scheduled arrival of an 18-man Chinese medical expert to provide technical support and also supply various medical equipment.

coviThe outrage against this move has been huge, but the government said it is not a Greek gift as this will improve the capacity of the country’s public health system.
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As the fight to win the battle against the coronavirus intensifies, the Centre for Disease control that is leading government’s efforts to flatten the curve of infection says it has set specific, measurable and accurate
targets for states caught in the global web of this pandemic.


Already the United Nations has partnered the federal government to launch a fund basket for COVID 19 to harmonize investment for the national pandemic response plan.

With this, Nigeria may have at its disposal necessary medical supplies and resources that it can use to break the chain of transmission for the coronaVirus.


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