Pittsburgh synagogue massacre leaves 11 dead, six injured

Image result for Pittsburgh residents in shock after gunman shot, kill 11 persons during circumcision ceremonyShock, pain and bewilderment are what residents from a close-knit community in Pittsburgh are feeling after a gunman burst into a synagogue during a circumcision ceremony, shooting and killing 11 people and leaving six others injured on Saturday.

Local authorities and media in the U.S. said a gunman yelling “All Jews must die” stormed the synagogue during Saturday services and shot worshipers including four police officers before he was arrested.

The shooting prompted security alerts at houses of worship around the country.

Attorney for Pennsylvania’s Western District Scott Brady confirmed the suspect to be Robert Bowers, a 46-year-old man from Pittsburgh who is now in custody.

Bowers’ social media posts were reportedly rife with anti-Semitic content. Authorities say the shooting will be prosecuted as a hate crime and the FBI will be leading the investigation.

FBI says Bowers acted alone

The FBI said it believes believes Bowers was acting alone and that they had no knowledge that he was known to law enforcement before this incident.

Bowers is in a hospital in fair condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

Three police officers were shot and one was injured by shrapnel while Two of the six people injured in the attack are in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is “heartbroken and appalled” by the attack.

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