Katsina to sue telecommunications companies over tax evasion

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The Katsina state Urban and Regional Planning Board will soon institute a legal action against some Telecommunications Company that are yet to settle their taxes.

Speaking during a Press Conference in Katsina, the General Manager said they have explored all means of pleading for the Companies to comply but still there is no positive response from them up to this moment.

He revealed that the more than one hundred and five Base-stations belonging to one of the indigenous Telcoms service provider across the state would be silled.

He reiterates the willingness of the Board to use all logical avenues for the Telecommunications and outdoor advertising companies to pay their various taxes to the Katsina state government.


  • It is high time to start taking Taking Tax_evaders to courts even the individual because government is losing a lot of IGR ,but the government must overlooked who and who ,the evaders may be part of the government of either individual or organization. I’m 100% in support of the General Manager to take any Tax Evaders to Court ,but pls you get full support from the to it’s hand without any intervention. May Almighty Allah support you in all your undertaking ameen. by

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