PCNI unveils online dashboard to monitor progress

Image result for Presidential Committees launches dashboard to track N/East InitiativeThe Presidential Committee on North-East Initiative, PCNI, has launched a dashboard, in collaboration with the WorldBank, to monitor the progress of rebuilding the Northeast.

The dashboard aims at ensuring a speedy recovery effort in the region by ensuring projects are well monitored and interventions harmonised.

Stakeholders here are positive that the move will help in tracking the progress of intervention efforts.

The Vice Chairman of PCNI, Mohammad Sabrina, while unveiling the dashboard said the dashboard was designed as a web tool to enable it to periodically access progress of rebuilding the devastated region within the three years mandate window.

Sabrina said the dashboard is a web-based network of systems that captures and displays important information about the Buhari Plan and the progress made by all actors in implementing it.

From a single interface, the dashboard allows decision makers to have access to actionable information that can be
used to actively track and account for the performance of the PCNI mandate.

The Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative was established in December 2016 by President Mohammad Buhari to serve as the primary national strategy, coordination, and advisory body for all humanitarian interventions, transformational and developmental efforts in the North East region of Nigeria.

The PCNI in s also designed to oversee all remedial programmes aimed at addressing the crisis in the North East since 2009.

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