Business activities kick off at Abuja Airport

Image result for Business activities kick off at Abuja AirportBusiness activities have commenced at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, six weeks after it was closed for repair.
Lara Afolayan reports that the airline operators, travellers and other business people are glad to see the airport back to its old self.

Traffic slowly builds up at the security point entrance of the Abuja airport, a feature that was absent a few days ago.


Passengers fill the arrival and departure wings, joyful that normal activities have started at last.

The runway has been busy all day as both local and international flights and take off as intervals.

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For some business people it’s the dawn of a new beginning

Cab drivers’ hopes of making a living once more from passengers was dashed as brewing disagreements between the airport’s management and the car hire association affected them.


Ethiopian airlines was the only foreign carrier that risked flying the Kaduna route during the airport’s closure .

The airline is glad the Abuja airport is now open but are considering flying Kaduna regularly.


The airport’s countdown clock has stopped ticking signalling the end of the closure period.

Those affected by the temporarily halt in activities say they wish it never ticks again.


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