Nigeria’s renewal’ll start in Edo – Obaseki

Image result for Betsy ObasekiWife of Edo State Governor, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki says the renewal of Nigeria under the present dispensation will begin with Edo.

Speaking at the this year’s Christmas party held for women at the Government House, Benin City on Friday, Mrs. Obaseki said, “I tell you, this renewal of our country is going to begin here. The new thing that God is doing to bring about change and good governance and prosperity in Nigeria, let me announce that it is starting in Edo State.

Edo will be the centre of developmental activities in Nigeria. Mark it. You will say, Mrs. Obaseki said it. I am telling you. I am speaking like a prophet now, believe it. Go into the New Year by God’s grace with that confidence.”

According to her, “This is the end of the year and we are about to enter a new year by the grace of God. I want to share with you a glimpse of what I know that will happen in this state from now on. God has proposed to do great things in Edo State. God in his own wisdom has chosen to visit Edo State and to do great things in this state.

“And what you are going to be expecting from now on, what God will do, he is not starting it now. He is not starting it with Obaseki’s administration. He started it before now. Even our past Governor was a Moses sent by God to deliver the people of Edo State to begin his work. He laid a marvelous foundation and Obaseki is to build on that. People before them also contributed. This is the time for governance, time to do what God has brought every one of us to do.”

Mrs. Obaseki thanked the women for their support for her husband during the gubernatorial election, “I appreciate every one of you. If you hadn’t been here and done your work, especially the party leaders, my husband and I would not be in Osadebe Avenue today.

“So, this event is organized first and foremost to say, thank you, especially our women. Yesterday, my husband made one comment; he said that he found that women are more active and more loyal in politics. And so, we must celebrate ourselves. And this is just to celebrate you all and every one of you, and to thank you for all your support in bringing us here.”

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