Uganda's government said on Wednesday it was lifting a ban on a TV station's coverage of presidential events imposed after the media outlet broadcast images which it said showed president Yoweri Museveni snoozing in parliament.

In a brief statement, government's spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said the presidential security service had decided to "reinstate NTV coverage of president Museveni's functions" as of Thursday, ending a month-long ban.

NTV Uganda, part of the Nation Media Group and east and central Africa's largest independent media house, last month aired images of Museveni apparently having a snooze during a debate on the national budget.

The Ugandan government insisted that the veteran leader was merely meditating and accused the channel of a "lack of professionalism and biased coverage".

Museveni seized power in 1986 and is now one of Africa's longest serving leaders although, at the age of 69, he is far from the oldest.

In 2011 he tried to appeal to the youth vote by releasing a rap song. Earlier this year he was widely condemned for signing an anti-homosexuality bill into law.

Last year the government shut the country's two main independent newspapers for 10 days after they reported arguments among army generals over whether the president's son should succeed him.