Kasai violence drives more than one million Congolese to seek refuge in Angola

Image result for One million people displaced in DRC's Kasai - UNThe united nations says deadly violence between government forces and tribal militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s central Kasai region has forced more than a million people from their homes over the past eight months.

Violence in other areas of the country, including the North and South Kivu provinces, has forced an additional two million to flee their homes.The UN adds that about 40 local and international aid groups are helping to cope with the crisis.

The fightings erupted after government troops killed tribal chief Jean Pierre Mpandi, also known as Kamwina Nsapu, last August.

He had launched an uprising against President Joseph Kabila.

The UN has accused the Nsapu rebellion of using child soldiers and committing several atrocities, while also denouncing the disproportionate use of force by the military.

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